Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sending a shout out to...

Congratulatons to Lisa and Brian, on your engagement! Such exciting news! We all wish you the best!

Happy trails to our Globetrotting Cyclopaths: Bob H. hiking the Swiss Alps; Drew in Germany during the World Cup; Joan and Paul heading to Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar; and Carl now off following the Lewis and Clark trail out west.

Missing in action: Hoping Ducky joins us again real soon. (And Little Dave, possibly joining us on Saturday?). Nice to see Sam, Bill Indresano and Bill Cantor riding last weekend!! And Mike Meehan, and Jeff Brand on the 4th of July.

Thank you again, Ethan and Larisa, for organizing and hosting Sue's Sea Glass Ride. It was a wonderful tribute to Sue.

And wishing Av continued health as he recovers from heart surgery. We miss you Av!