Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday, July 1st

Sue's Sea Glass Ride was a great success. There was a great turnout of 30 or so riders and it was nice to meet the team from WOW3. The weather was perfect, (after too many rainy weekends), and a cool breeze kept the ride comfortable. It was 22 miles up to Fort Stage Park, where we indulged in cold drinks, refreshing fruit, and peanutbutter and fluff!! After a 45 mile roundtrip, all were back in Swampscott for a fabulous party hosted by Ethan and Larisa.

Thank you to the Forman Family for a wonderful event.
It was a great tribute to Sue.

Ethan still has t-shirts if you didn't get one at the barbecue -- $15 with all proceeds going to the PMC.

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Anonymous said...

Sue's Sea Glass Ride was a WONDERFUL tribute to Sue. The weather was perfect, no humidity, sunshine, and a sea breeze. It was nice to meet so many WOW riders. As Sue said-"Keep on Riding". We will continue to ride with Sue in our hearts.
GREAT JOB planning Ethan and Larisa and Kristen! The ride was great and the party after perfect. I enjoyed my first ever peanutbutter and Fluff and Banana sandwich. : )