Saturday, July 22, 2006

Icky, Sticky Gloucester Ride

Saturday's ride was not one of our best. We all wish Mike Meehen, who took a terrible fall in Manchester, our best wishes. Mend quickly Mike!

After the ambulance left, with Mike strapped to a stretcher (and Paul G. accompanying him to the hospital), we all felt uneasy about the ride ahead. We stopped in Manchester to meet Av, Laurie, Barb and Bill (Good to see them all), and then left them with Reporter-Emily to continue on up to Gloucester. Look in Tuesday's Salem News for a story on the Cyclopaths and the PMC.

Expensive Breakfast: Breakfast at the Morning Glory was quick but expensive. Last week we were scrambling to add a few dollars to make up for the tip -- which seemed odd considering we all tend to overpay to begin with. Again today, after everyone had paid, it seemed like we were short on money for the bill. Drew did a quick calculation and noticed that the tip was already included in the bill!!! (So last week we paid an additional tip on top of an already inflated check!!) No wonder they were happy to see us!! (I believe Little Dave's table overpaid this week.) Something to look out for in the future.

Rough Roads: Riding through Salem was a challenge, with the roads dug up and asphalt, rocks and debris everywhere. It was not much better in Beverly -- and then of course heading towards Manchester where Mike went down. (In Gloucester, I got a flat tire -- followed by Arlene getting a flat in Salem.) Rough roads and inpatient drivers.... those of us who finished in Salem together were relieved we all made it home in one piece.

Great Group Pic by Meghan Click on photo for larger view!

Emmaus Ride tomorrow -- Hope everyone who is riding has good weather and a safe ride. -- Tam


Anonymous said...

According to Paul G., Mike was discharged from the hospital late in the morning. Nothing broken, but lots of sore body parts. Mike went down in the Beverly Farms area. Looking at the map, it was at the corner of Hale Street and 127. But Hale Street is actually a loop, with both ends on 127. To further confuse things, Hale Street actually continues as 127 in the Prides Crossing area. I think maybe the slight delay in the response from the emergency vehicles could have been due to that confusion. Luckily, Mike is apparently okay except for a lot of aches and bruises.

Tammy said...

We spoke to Mike soon after ending our ride in Salem -- He actually answered the phone himself! He sounded well considering the frightening fall he took -- and still had his sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Get Well Mike!

GREAT pic Meeghan- our new rider, and first year PMCer!

After thinking someone stiffed the waitress at Morning Glory, it was finally discovered (Thank you Drew!) that the tip is included in the bill. Live and learn.....

Anonymous said...

It was nice to ride with and have breakfast with Little David again. Welcome back Little David! And beware of dishwasher doors!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Mike is on the mend - Saturday was basically a bad karma day - as i was heading out from Manceshter rest stop behind arlene and before donna's group back up 127 i noticed a Manchester police cruiser right on my tail - he was just tailing me and i thought i was blocking the road but as always i was behaving myself - when all of a sudden these loud words came from the speaker of the cruiser "don't look now but there is something growing on your head!!" smiliey face and barry!! he passed me and waved hello - a friendly chap!!