Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Countdown to PMC Weekend

Temps have been high but bearable for riding -- and we're all happy the rain has held off for a while. While (I hear) we haven't been riding as "far as we used to", (the rainy weekends are to blame), I'm sure over the next few weekends we'll all be trying to get in as many miles as we can, leading up to the PMC. The 14th Annual Tri-State Cohen Classic, one week from Saturday, should satisfy folks craving for big miles. (Scroll down the blog for more details.)

There's a large group of Cyclopaths riding this year's PMC: Brian Bagley, Mike Bencal, Linda Beaulieu, Jeff Brand, Sheldon Brown, pictured left, Bill Cantor, Brian Carver, Danny Carver, Donna Cohen, Tammy Cronin, Dave Fionda, Ethan Forman, Dave Henry, Bruce Kapsten, Mike Kelleher, Mike Kelleher Jr., Lisa Hurley, Dave McCauley, Meg Michaels, Mike Meehan, Drew Nelson, Ed Parish, Patty Phelan, Donald Ross, and Sam Zoll. Who did I forget? (Brenda and Av aren't riding this year.) We'll all be thinking of Sue as we tackle some of the bigger hills.

Volunteering are Manny Marques, Anne and Christa Kelleher, and Mike Cronin. Three weeks to go!

Love this picture Donna took of Sheldon, while riding to Boxford, 2 weeks ago!

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