Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cool Ride on a Hot Day

The temps to Gloucester were comfortable as we caught a nice, cool breeze off the ocean. Eleven riders were at the bus stop at 6:30 am, with several late-comers joining en route -- (Donna, Mike and Ellen; Adam and Jim, and Mike Meehan. We lost Ethan's pal Arthur but picked up Ducky along the way) -- for 18 in all. With temps expected to reach the 90's, we stuck to the coast, with Sheldon, Manny, Gail and Ducky stopping to enjoy breakfast in Manchester, and the others continuing on to Gloucester where we ate at the Morning Glory Cafe. Loved the temporary digs at the Morning Glory, currently under reconstruction.

Photo: Click for larger view. At the Fisherman Statue in Gloucester: Steve-Bob, Mike M, Jack, Ellen, Mike, Lynda, Donna, Drew, Don, and Lisa.

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Gearguy said...

Great ride, great breakfast and wonderful company! This is social riding at its best! Thank you Cyclopaths. :)