Friday, July 14, 2006

The Boxford Broken Bolt Ride

July 8th, 2006. A very funny thing happened along the way.... I recently got new shoes and pedals. And I felt my bike seat should be up "a smidgen". After pedaling 17 miles and stopping for breakfast in Boxford, "Gear-Guy Mike", with his handy tool, decided he'd raise the seat for me. Well, all of a sudden there was a very loud "Snap". Ooops, the bolt broke in two. Yes, my bike is 15 years old. : ) What to do? What to do? I called Cyclopath-Kathy (who was supposed to be riding), knowing she was going to meet us for breakfast -- but not knowing if she was going to bike over or drive. Sure enough, she pedaled over....

I decided it was best to go have breakfast and deal with the broken bolt later. Worst case scenario I would pedal, standing, to the bike store. I could still sit on the seat, but it would be low. The bike store was within 5 miles. We ate breakfast. All the while Mike was looking at tables and chairs and toilet seats etc for a bolt that might fit. Sure enough there was a table of fire rescue men eating breakfast near us. When they got up to leave, Ellen approached them and asked where the nearest hardware store was. One of the rescue guys asked, "What do you need it for? What size?" So we gave him the broken bolt. Off he rode on his bike. It turns out he lives a few houses away and came back with a bolt! That fit! Tyler to the rescue. It was like a true Seinfeld episode! The seat was fixed and I was ready to ride. Yay!

We pedaled back thru Bradly Palmer State Park-- one of my favorite places to ride. -- Donna

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