Monday, July 10, 2006

Boxford, Bradley Palmer State Park

Saturday's ride was great! We had a large group of 24 riders starting out in the morning -- splitting up at breakfast. Good thing too -- Wayne's (aka The Boxford Community Store), was short-handed and could not have handled a larger group. Eight continued on to Georgetown for (what I hear) was a better breakfast.

Donna had problems with her seat post - a bolt broke - and a very nice fireman from the Boxford Fire and Rescue well, er... rescued her. Three cheers to the Boxford Fire Dept!

Onward we went, through Topsfield, Bradley Palmer State Park, and Wenham where, like an old penny, the "Georgetown breakfast eaters" turned up. As we regrouped in Wenham center, we seemed to have gained a rider (?) Heading back to Salem, we finished at the statue, almost as large a group as when we started. When was the last time that happened? Great ride!

Nice to see Ducky on Saturday! And welcome two new riders Deb and Patty. Happy to hear the report that Av is doing well -- and hoping Little Dave (hamming it up in the photo) recovers from his ankle injury soon.

P.S. Jerseys are ordered folks. Will get a delivery date as soon as I can. --Tammy

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