Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The 14th Annual TriState Cohen Classic

Please prepare for a hot day. Freeze your waterbottles and stay hydrated! Meet in Newburyport at the Port Plaza 6:15 a.m.

Directions to Port Plaza:

Take Route 95 North to Exit 57
Take Exit 57- Route 113 East (right)
Go straight at first set of lights
Take a Right at the second set of lights
Port Plaza is on your right (McDonalds & K-mart)
Bike Route: 1A North/1B to Rt. 103. ***USE CAUTION ON BRIDGES!

Traditional Routes:
Bike to Newburyport to Wallis Sands State Park and back ~30 miles.
Bike to Newburyport to York, Captain Simeone Store and back ~75miles.
Bike to Newburyport to York Beach and back ~100miles.

***Participation in this event waives all rights in a court of law. Each rider responsible for EVERYTHING.***

1 comment:

Ethan Forman said...

I like the legal disclaimer. Nice touch. Looking forward to a great ride. Let's crank.