Friday, June 09, 2006

Weekend Weather

So tired of rain...

I see sun in the forecast mid-week, so I guess we can hold off on building the ark.

Looks like another washout for tomorrow??


Anonymous said...

Oh yee of little faith.

I think a few of us are going to make the efort as long as it's not pouring.

The hot coffee will taste just that much better.

Besides, how are we going to finalize the jerseys? 8^)


Tam said...

Yes, that's me... little faith. ;-)

Anonymous said...



I'll be down in Hyannis this Saturday. Supposed to compete in a triathlon. Not sure what is going to happen. The sea may be too cold and rough (by their standards). Look forward to a sunny warm NEXT Saturday Cyclopath Ride.

Sprocket Girl said...

I will try to be there tomorrow, I am getting over a stomach bug that has me currently running to the bathroom. If I can get over that in the next 16 hours, then I'll be there!

Anyone doing the Plymouth to PTown ride on Wed?

Tam said...

Good luck Donna... I think it should be a cold one. :-(

Lynda -- Get better! When Bruce says "a few of us are making the effort, I don't think he means the Cyclopaths. Who rides in the rain?!

Vendor: Hincapie first, Voler second.

Anonymous said...


Carl King, Steve Bob and I ahve already said if it's not pouring we're out there.

Does that mean we're not Cyclopaths? 8^)


Tam Cronin said...

You are DEFINITELY Cyclopaths... ;-)