Friday, June 23, 2006

The rain has been unbelievable. Donna sent the "Oy Vey, More RAIN!" cartoon to the blog on Friday -- very appropriate! Unfortunately, the Great Mass Getaway was cancelled on Saturday for riders Arlene, Bruce, and the Kelleher men, due the heavy rain. (Some folks rode on Sunday (including Arlene) from Bourne. It poured.) Anyone else ride?

Sue's Sea Glass Ride is fast approaching. Please RSVP Ethan ASAP.


Gearguy said...

Oy Vey indeed! We need an ark! Great cartoon....oh sooo talented!

Ethan Forman said...

No more rain, please! Pray for sun next week for Sue's Sea Glass Ride up to Gloucester ... We head from Temple Shirat Hayam, 55 Atlantic Ave., Swampscott up to Gloucester. We are going to ride by Sue's house on the way up, which is a quick detour down Blodgett Ave. Up Route 127 to Stage Fort Park in Gloucester ... Not the Fisherman. Ahoy!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of a bike ride being cancelled - but the rain was heavy and the puddles numerous - i was left standing there - bag packed (ziplock thoughout), bike ready, rain coat on and no place to go!! Michael, my son and his friends and other team memebers went down to Sandwich - played in the mud, slept in the tent with thunder, lihtning and rain, then biked in the rain etc to Ptown and then a boat ride (boat to themselves) back - I did not venture down as some personal issues came up and it was through "divine intervention" that i stayed here! having withdrawal issues as i missed a ride that i had been training for! PEACE to all