Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ipswich and Newburyport

We had awesome riding weather today (finally) for a GREAT Cyclopaths ride. Twenty-two of us headed north towards Ipswich, where we split into two groups -- with one group continuing on to Newburyport and another eating breakfast in Ipswich. (And Jeff returning home).

Kudos go to those who actually made it to Plum Island. (I have to ask, were you welcomed at Mad Martha's or did they kick you out?) The remaining 13 of us had breakfast at Stone Soup Cafe in downtown Ipswich, which actually had room for all of us today. (Rare.) Jim, Adam, Ellen and Mike, joining us for the ride with friends Ethan and Donna, got to witness the crazy Cyclopaths "splintering effect" as our numbers dwindled down at each junction. Hope all made it home safely and enjoyed the ride. Nice to have the sun back!

Also nice to see Sam and Ducky riding again!!

This photo cracks me up. I said, "Everyone going to Plum Island, get together so I can take your picture!" Of the 14 in this photo... only 8 actually headed north towards Newburyport, with Dave and Wally looping back along the way. So how many actually went to Plum Island?


Anonymous said...

Much to our surprise when we stopped for a head count, the Northern Contingent wasn't quite as big as the photo op indicated.

The "Gang of Six" who actually made it to Mad MArtha's consisted of Mike, Paul, Jack, Lynda, Ed, and me.

Kirk at Mad MArtha's was actually quite welcoming. He asked us why we hadn't been back sooner!.

Mileage had to be pretty close to a Metric Century for those who started and ended in Salem.


Sprocket Girl said...

54miles depart/arrive at Salem Ctr according to the bike computer. It was a fabulous ride to Plum Island, and my very first trip ever out there!

It got a little uncomfortable, weather-wise, in the late morning though. But hey, Summer's here, right? I'll take it over rain any day!

Anonymous said...

22 to 14 to 8 to 6 with 5 actually biking back (don't ask!!) that's what's known in the scientific field as the "Cyclopath's rule of diminishing returns" - I guess they all wanted their picture taken!! This weekend is the MS ride to Ptown (BRUCE, MICHAEL JR, ME AND A FEW OTHER CYLOPATHS ARE RIDING)- initial weather looks iffy but we can't expect perfect weather every time out, now can we?? hope av is well after his operation.