Tuesday, June 06, 2006

If It Ever Stops Raining...6:30 am Start on Saturday

Another great photo from the archives! Donna writes: Here is a pic for the blog - I am not sure what year it was taken. I am wearing a 1996 t-shirt... This was on a Cyclopath bike trip to Martha's Vineyard. Av took the pic. It is of Me, Bren & Gail. I think it is a classic!

6:30 Start: We were rained out last weekend, giving everyone a little extra time in bed... but don't forget to set your alarms this Saturday for our 6:30 am start!! (Hopefully the rain will pass.) As the temps get warmer, it's nice to have that extra half hour in the morning before the roads get busy with traffic and tourists!

Jersey order info coming soon: We promise! The Jersey Committee has selected a vendor -- the price, as originally noted, will be... $70. That's a good price for a high quality, fully sublimated jersey -- with our awesome custom design. More info coming soon!

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Sprocket Girl said...

What vendor did you decide on?