Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The 14th Annual TriState Cohen Classic

Please mark your calendars...
The votes are in...
The 14th Annual TriState Cohen Classic will be held Saturday, July 29th.

Meet in Newburyport Port Plaza, 6:15am.
(Exit # 57 off of Rt 95 North)
Plan to be riding by 6:30am.
Routes may vary, the plan is to ride up the coast. Snack along the way. It is 75 miles round trip to York, Maine-- Captain Simeone Country Store. Those looking to complete a century can continue on..... Meet back in Newburyport and enjoy a hearty lunch/dinner.

Photo: Waiting at the Portsmouth Bridge, Tri-State Cohen Classic '05.

Any other dates... single, male, age 40-50, intelligent, handsome etc. may be referred to Donna. THANKS! : }

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