Monday, May 08, 2006

Saturday Recap

Nice of Wally to join us on Saturday -- he was able to fix Robin's flat tire!

15 Cyclopaths headed up the coast on Saturday -- a gorgeous day for riding. The pack split in Manchester, with 8 continuing on to Gloucester, (Wally, Paul G., Mike K., Mike B., Ethan, Lynda, Robin, & Arlene), where they enjoyed breakfast at Lee's. The remaining 7 had breakfast at the Beach Street Cafe before splintering into three more groups. (Donna and Tam continued north for the Magnolia loop, Av and Gail cycled up to Singing Beach, while Sheldon, Paul & Joan headed home.) In true Cyclopaths fashion, I hear the Gloucester riders also splintered. Looks like rain next Saturday??

Final jersey design is completed and will be posted later this week.

Happy belated-birthday Sheldon!

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Anonymous said...

The ride to Gloucester was fun - Ethan decided to get a flat on his new bike just before Lee's - someone said that the breakfast stop (Sunrise?) at the Gloucester House was undergoing renovations (is is true?) maybe they are raising the roof to accomodate Sam?
Sam who?.. Wally wanted to get more miles in so he treked off to do the rockport loop. any tickets given at the salem start? - i parked near the bagel place at salem state but i would like to park closer? weekend forecast looks bleak but we had some good rides so far. Happy mothers days to all the mothers and happy belated birthday to sheldon. i like the term "splintered".. maybe we should be the "North Shore Splinters" - i hope av and gail sang a song at singing beach! Best wishes to Donna as she heads South to provide needed assistance.