Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New Cyclopaths Jersey Design

After all of the feedback, and weighing everyone's input with regards to the design, I hope this is as close to finished as we can get! To review the the design and close-up details, simply click here!

Yes, I will still take suggestions and comments, especially concerning the pockets, but hopefully we can wrap this up and start taking orders soon. Cheers! -- Tam

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Ethan Forman said...

Tammy, I love the Jersey. It's perfect. I need your help with a T-shirt design! I think a bike shirt would be too much time, effort and money, and it may not be the kind of thing people may want. I'm looking to sell something for a fundraiser and I think a T-shirt would be better. I want to create a "SEA GLASS RIDERS" T-shirt, use a seaglass motiff around a picture of Sue. How's that. Heard your husband was sick. Hope he's well.