Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mid-Week Notes:

Bike Racks Update: The Salem Redevelopment Authority approved the bike racks for the downtown. Five sites were approved, but only 2 racks are paid for. Those racks will go by the bus stop where we meet and at the beginning of downtown Salem, by the fountain.
Also of note: Boston Medflight is going to have their 2nd Annual bike ride out of Salem Willows on July 9. Registration is only $50 and you can choose the 10, 25, or 62 mile rides. More info at This is another great charity ride on the North Shore! It would be great to see a team of Cyclopaths supporting it! (Thanks, Councilor Mike, for the info!)

Jerseys: Now that we are getting together more regularly, folks are asking about the jerseys. Yes, we have designs and costs, but to be honest, it was a busy winter and without the weekly Cyclopath get-togethers, the jersey initiative was put on the back burner. We have designs, we have ideas, we have costs (roughly $70)... now we just need feedback from YOU! Designs will be posted shortly for your comments, suggestions, positive or (ahem) negative.

Don't forget the Passover ride on Saturday. Donna has posted a reminder below.

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