Wednesday, March 08, 2006

PMC Mini Video

Routes are filling up for the 2006 PMC -- Only a handful of spots remain for rides ending at MMA. If you haven't signed up and plan to ride this year, get on it! If you're still on the fence, simply click on the video capture (above) to see the 2005 Cyclopaths PMC ride. Fun!

(Note: Works best with broadband/highspeed internet.)


Cyclopath-Donna said...

WOW Tammy!
This movie should have been submitted to The Academy. It would have won an Oscar for sure. GREAT WORK!
Two thumbs up, way up! ; )

The North Shore Cyclopaths Blogspot said...

Thanks Donna!


Anonymous said...

You are unbelievable! What a great job!!!


paul Price said...

Looks sgood for riding tomorrow and Joan and I plan to ride; anyone else?

Paul Price

The North Shore Cyclopaths Blogspot said...

I'm taking Will skiing tomorrow -- our last trip before I put the winter gear away and get out the bike. I'll join you next week if the weather is good!!

-- Tammy