Monday, November 07, 2005

Still Riding Strong, Sheldon Brown

Twenty-one years ago, I joined my fellow North Shore Cyclopaths in riding the PMC for the first time, and it was an exhilarating experience.

In 1994, my dear wife, Fran, faced her first bout with cancer and was treated successfully, but cancer returned 4 more times and she is presently battling it again. Fran, you shall surely overcome with G-d’s help. Thus, the PMC has become my goal to rid her cancer and that of others through the Jimmy Fund.

In 1995, I rode the PMC with my oldest son, Marc, of California. It gave me so much pleasure to see him following in my footsteps. On the second day, it rained increasingly and I caught hypothermia. We donned garbage bags over our wet gear and finally my hands stopped shaking. We made it to P-town! When we got home, my son said he was proud of me. I felt heavenly.

Whenever I would visit my California grandchildren we would ride bikes, and before long Elissa turned 15 and was ready to ride her first PMC with her father and me in 2003. However, the day before the PMC, I failed a stress test and had to have heart surgery. Yet the two rode on while I followed by car.

The biggest thrill came for me this past summer, for I had the honor of riding with both Elissa and her brother, David, who turned 15 on the day of the ride. As we rode together gleefully into the first water stop, I spotted a poster saying "Happy Birthday, David Brown", a birthday cake, even congratulations on Jiffy Johns. What a delightful surprise!

I am 72 and my youngest California grandchild, Micah, is 12, and I can’t wait to ride with him. My grandchildren make excellent fundraisers. For the Browns, the PMC has become an annual event and a Brown family tradition.

(Note: Sheldon wrote the preceding for the PMC Check Presentation on November 5th. Thanks Sheldon and Fran!)

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