Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Election Results & More

Congratulations Mike Bencal, Councilor-at-Large, on your re-election to the Salem City Council!

Jerseys? Looks like Bruce had a good response to his offer to get the ball rolling on a new Cyclopaths jersey. Anyone with thoughts, suggestions, opinions, etc.. on design, style and color.. should forward them to Bruce or Donna soon.

It's getting chilly out there! Three cheers to the brave (some would say crazy) souls who continue to ride in the cold temperatures. (Obviously, the name "Cyclopaths" didn't come without reason.) Stay bundled and have a great ride on Saturday! At least there isn't snow in the forecast!

Is it Sheldon or Av? Many folks have commented on seeing the Cyclopaths on TV this past week. For those who missed it, New England Cable News ran a brief spot on the PMC Check Presentation during their news cycle, and captured a few snippits of Bill and Av's comments at the podium. Unfortunately, the news folks got it wrong. While it was Av on stage, admitting he was "faking it on the hills of Truro", (poor Laurie!), he was identified on the TV screen as Sheldon Brown. (Oops!) Regardless of the error, it was fun to see our Fab Four on TV!! Awesome!

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