Friday, October 14, 2005

Remember when the sun was shining?

Hopefully we still have many more Saturday rides ahead of us before the snow falls! (I heard that if this rain had fallen as snow, we'd have 92" already!) Fortunately, it's not snow but it does look like more of the same wet, dreary weather tomorrow. UPDATED Friday, 7:30 pm -- Breakfast at Beverly Airport, 8 a.m. SEE YOU THERE!

To blog or not to blog... the debate continues... All comments -- postitive, negative, and thoughtful -- are appreciated! I don't think the blog was intended to replace email communication but to offer another form of communication. The suggestions and opinions floated around this week are duly noted and will help create a better blog! Thanks for all of the suggestions! I'll get on them next week!

Love this photo of Sheldon's bike, conveniently parked (in a reserved spot!) at the Friendly's near the Gloucester rotary -- one very hot summer day in July.

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