Saturday, October 01, 2005

Nice Weather, Great Rides

We've had terrific weather for riding over the last two weekends, with crisp fall air and sunny mornings. The start has been ch-ch-chilly, but it doesn't take long to warm up. ;-) Enjoying the trip to Mancester for the last weekend in September were Manny, Mike K, Mike B, Susan, Robin, Sheldon, Paul J. and Tammy (taking the photo). Barb and Bill joined us for breakfast at the Beach Street Cafe.

We've also had a run of bad luck lately with too many flat tires! Tam three weeks ago, Paul J. the weekend after that -- last weekend it was Larry's turn. Shortly after crossing the Salem/Beverly bridge, Larry was sidelined with his flat after rolling over a piece of metal. (Larry urged us to continue riding, and planned to join us in Manchester, but never showed up. Hope he was o.k!) Did anyone have a flat this weekend? It would be nice to break this streak of misfortune.

(Sorry no blogging last week -- It was crazy busy. Hope everyone had a great ride today!)

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The North Shore Cyclopaths Blogspot said...

I had a flat in between Tammy's and Larry's but let me just say, Chivaulry (spelling?) will never die! You guys are the best.