Sunday, July 24, 2005

Manchester-Gloucester-Annisqaum. No Green Flies.

On Saturday we rode up the coast towards the pretty village of Annisquam, with stops in Manchester, Gloucester, and Rockport. The weather was terrific -- hopefully we'll have the same dry air and comfortable temperatures during the PMC weekend!

Our morning started with over 27 riders (at last count) heading out of Salem. After our first stop in Manchester, 20 Cyclopaths continued on to Gloucester, where we once again ate at The Morning Glory Restaurant. I think they must be getting tired of us. Following breakfast, 12 of us continued on to Rockport and Annisquam for a 55 mile RT. (60 miles for Sheldon.) It was a great ride!

Only 2 weeks to go before the PMC Weekend! Wahoo!

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