Sunday, July 31, 2005

Large Group, Different Directions

With Saturday's large turnout of 32 riders, we made a logistical decision to head in two different directions. One group headed for Newburyport -- the other for Gloucester. Brenda's report of the Newbury ride sounds very much like the Gloucester ride — in her email she writes:

"Hope everyone had a great ride yesterday and I wish it was possible to ride along and chat with everyone of you.  It was in true Cyclopath form that we split and split and split throughout our rides yesterday.  It was hilarious how our numbers kept changing on the Newbury route."

(Never one to let the fact that she's on a bike stop her from anything, Brenda once again defied convention by buying something at a yard sale. " I did my part with my offbeat activity by buying an antique horse bridal and bit at a yard sale and then strapping it to my aerobars for 60% of the ride.  I should have harnessed to Jack Gould and then he would have gotten his bungie cord back. (It will be returned post-PMC.)" 

Although we didn't stop at any yard sales, we had a very similar scenario play out on the Gloucester route, where the group gradually splintered. After meeting up at the Fisherman statue we decided to split again and head to Lee's and The Morning Glory for breakfast. (Several headed to Lee's, with 14 at The Morning Glory.) Following breakfast, we decided to ride the Twin Lights loop -- while others headed back to Salem. How many of us started out to Twin Lights? I didn't get a final count -- but eight of us regrouped after the Twin Lights and headed back to Manchester... where we then lost four. (Av, Bob, Gail & Manny.) At Beverly Farms we ran into Bruce heading back to Gloucester, where he informed us that our lost four were a mile or so ahead; and Lisa, Drew, Dave, et al, had made it safely back to Salem. Gotta love it. Hope everyone had a great ride!

(Photo: Av's son-in-law, Bob, enjoys riding the "flat" roads of the North Shore and breakfast.)

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