Monday, July 04, 2005

July 3rd

Photo: Finishing up a ride to Boxford and beyond, Saturday, July 3rd.

We had a large turnout on Saturday, with over 20 Cyclopaths heading to breakfast in Boxford. When everyone was sufficiently fed, some headed north to ride a loop through Georgetown while the others headed out to Bradley Palmer State Forest. In typical Cyclopath fashion, we ran into each other in Wenham and regrouped. Great riding weather.


Cyclopath-Donna said...

I LOVE the Cyclopath Blog!!!! Nice job Tammy.

anon said...

I tried to slog through the cyclopath blog. It made no sense, accounts were engulfed in fog. the pictures were fine but the world's too hard to understand. although the people in the group are the greatest in the land.
great work, tammy and donna keep it goin

Tam Cronin said...

"The world's too hard to understand"... HA! That's too funny! I'm assuming you mean the "blogging", am I right? You'll catch on.

Just a side note: If you wish to make a comment to any post with your name, instead of Anonymous, all you need to do is set up an account. It's pretty simple -- doesn't cost a penny. You must fill out the required six fields of step one, but I think you can can skip the next two steps if you wish to. You will then have a blog identity.

Bookmark the Cyclopaths Blogspot. When you visit again, and leave a comment, you will be an official blogger.

Syd Sod said...

I have been asked by officials in Beverly city government that they intend to officially designate the area adjacent to the Beverly Bridge and the traffic lights shining on Rowand's Fish Market as 'Tammy's Corner'. Before submission they would like to know Tammy's IQ, driving record and history of oblivious conduct and a sculptor has been retained to do a full-length statue of her if sufficient money can be raised among the cyclopaths. Anyone having any information leading to the resolution of this attractive offer, please notify Walter Witty, Deputy Mosquito Control officer, City of Beverly and West Newbury. he can b e reached at the Revere City Hall, Tuesday evenings between 10 and 12 P.m. We owe it to Tammy becayse of the extraordinary work she has done on this pwedestrian blog site. Love, Syd