Sunday, July 17, 2005

The 13th Annual TriState Cohen Classic Bike Ride '05

Quality not Quantity

There were 7 riders from Newburyport on Saturday. Wally, Ed, Lisa, Drew, Brenda, Shelly, and me -- Donna. The weather was ideal -- in the 70s with an air-conditioned breeze off the ocean. It was cloudy too. We headed up and over the Newburyport bridge and along Salisbury Beach north. First stop Hampton Beach. We stopped for a photo op and use of the porcelain conveniences. Onward, northward, we pedaled. Next stop mile ~24 Wallis Sands in Rye, NH. At this point Wally turned back. Then there were 6. And we pedaled on up the coast. With ocean views to our right and mansions on the left, it was a very enjoyable journey. Next stop the junction of Rt 1A and 1B. A right hand turn, past the golf course, over the bridge, and in one mile we passed the Wentworth Hotel. There were runners and other bikers on the road. The traffic not too bad. Other PMC riders passing by too. A few twists and turns in the road, thru Strawberry Banke and we were now at the Portsmouth Bridge. Another stop to munch, drink, and regroup. We met up with Rick the firefighter. He walked up the hill and asked about our bike group. He also recommended a breakfast spot that can accommodate 20 to 30 riders! At this point Ed continued on and the bridge went up. So we spent more time talking to Rick the firefighter/paramedic. Tri-State Shelly and Brenda turned back at this point. Then there were 4. Lisa, Drew and I continued north. We made it up to Kittery Point and stopped at Frisbee Convenient Store in Kittery Point. Time to turn back. We pedaled back along the coast. Fairly uneventful- thankfully. We reunited with TriState Shelly and Brenda just before the Newburyport Bridge. And made our way safely back to the Port Plaza. Shelly headed back to get to the airport. Drew, Lisa and I enjoyed a yummy lunch at Not Your Average Joe's in Newburyport.

And so ends The 13th Annual TriState Cohen Classic Bike Ride '05.

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Tam Cronin said...

Sorry I missed the "13th Annual Cohen Tri-State Classic Ride". Mike was "on call" over the weekend, and I promised him I wouldn't be out riding all day.

We were wondering WHO was riding the Cohen Classic this year, as we had a large crowd at the bus stop. Way to go Donna, Sheldon, Drew, Lisa, Ed, and Brenda!!

As for the rest of us, we opted to stay along the coast, and headed to Manchester. Most of the pack decided to stop for breakfast -- the usual suspects; Sam, Av, Manny, Gail, Jack and two friends (Phil and Myles), Mike Kelleher.. and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone) -- while six of us headed further north to get in more miles.

Lead by Dave Weigand, who also ran sweep, Ethan, Larry, Don, Paul and I rode towards Magnolia, Gloucester, and the Rocky Neck loop for a 40+ mile day. We ate at Lee's, did a lot of hills, and had a great ride. (Although we lost Don.)