Thursday, November 17, 2016

Little Dave's 18th Annual Holiday Bash for Toys for Tots

Little Dave invites all to celebrate the Holiday Season at his 18th Annual Holiday Open House and Karaoke Session to benefit Toys for Tots.

Date: Saturday December 3, 2016
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: 46 Freeport Dr., Burlington, MA 01803

As always, there will be lots of great food, fun, friendship and music. The egg nog and fried turkey will once again be making an appearance! Based on the fun we had last year, the karaoke and group sing-a-long will be making a return.

Please bring an unwrapped toy to donate to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Program, and help bring a smile to a needy child. A special holiday appetizer or dessert (etc) to share is also appreciated.

Don't forget your party shoes!

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Last Breakfast Ride of the Year

10...9...8...7...6...5....... Smile everyone!!
We had a great turnout for our season-ending breakfast and our last Cyclopath get-together before the holidays! Donna, Gail, Fran and Sheldon, Little Dave, Ducky, Tam, globetrotters Ed (back from Cuba) and Paul and Joan (both leaving for Chile tomorrow) met at Brother's Taverna for a great breakfast. Wasn't it fun to see so many happy, smiling faces today?! (Av and Laurie, you were greatly missed.) There was love and friendship all around -- extended to all of you who couldn't make it today.

It's hard to believe the season has reached its end, but what a fun year we had! Our remote-start locations were a great success, and allowed us to expand our route options and breakfast destinations beyond the same-old, same old. It also gave us an opportunity to bridge the gap that had built over the years between the folks who wished to ride longer miles with those preferring something shorter. A few of our many rides this summer included off-road trail rides to Boxford, a ride to Plum Island and breakfast at Mad Martha's (a first for several), the backroads of Ipswich, and a return Gloucester! (It had been a long time since we all went to Gloucester together!) We also went hiking!! (Weather and temperatures permitting, we'll try and plan a few hiking and snowshoeing breakfast adventures this winter.)

We had sunny skies today, but alas only one rider After our breakfast, and sharing hugs and warm wishes with each other, I headed out to Salem Willows and Winter Island thinking about our wonderful Cyclopath family. How lucky we are! Keep smiling, everyone! xoxo Tam

Morning sunshine on Winter Island

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Saturday Nov. 12th, Breakfast @ Brother's Taverna, 8:30 am

Hey All!! While we are hoping to get together for several hikes and breakfasts this winter, it's unlikely we'll be getting in any additional riding. Therefore, our "season-ending" breakfast will be this Saturday, November 12th at Brother's Taverna, 8:30 a.m.

Come and join us if you can -- the holidays are quickly approaching and it will be nice to get together before the snow flies.

If the weather and temps allow, we'll head out for a quick spin to the Willows after breakfast. Bundle up! It might be a chilly one.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween HIKE, September 29th

Drew, Paul, and Joan. A lovely hike in the woods.
Our last minute decision to go for a hike instead of a bike ride was a great success, (with apologies to everyone for the late notice). Sheldon, Fran, Paul, Joan, Tam and -- OMG, surprise (!!) -- LITTLE DAVE, met at Hayward's Restaurant for breakfast. It's a tiny place, with booths, not tables, and although the hostess kindly arranged for us to sit together, we did have to split up. (The restaurant being tiny, it was hardly noticeable.) It was fun to see everyone and the food and service was great. We'd visit again!

After breakfast, Drew, Joan, Paul and Tam left for Lynn Woods less than a mile down the road. (Alas, Brenda and Kathy couldn't join us there as they'd hoped.) The weather was damp and cool, but we hardly noticed it while we were hiking. Our first stop was climbing Burrill Hill to get to the Stone Tower. As we walked the trail, the colors of fall foliage was barely present -- until we climbed to the top of Stone Tower and looked across the tree tops towards Boston and the Atlantic. The view from atop Stone Tower is beautiful, even on an overcast day. So lovely.

Joan admires the foliage from atop Stone Tower
The just-past-peak foliage from atop stone tower.

The Boston skyline
We then continued on into the woods towards Dungeon Rock, as Tam relayed the legend for which Dungeon Rock is noted for -- of mid-1600's pirate, Thomas Veale, who became buried inside the natural rock cave following an earthquake, along with his treasure; and of the spiritualist Hiram Marble who believed Thomas Veale spoke to him from the dead, telling him where the treasure was located -- and then spent his lifetime digging into the rock to unearth it, to no avail. It's a fascinating story, appropriate for Halloween.

Inside Dungeon Rock, we did not go down. (Creepy!)
We had a great hike -- 3.5 miles -- and only felt we were lost once or twice. Even with a map, you can often feel lost in Lynn Woods. There's much more to explore there!

With cooler weather approaching, and our biking days dwindling, a hike may be more welcome to many this fall. In addition to Lynn Woods, the trails at Bradley Palmer, Willowdale, Beverly Commons, and the fascinating Dogtown Commons in Gloucester are a few options. (Dogtown is a bit of a distance to travel, but only 40 minutes from Salem, and has an amazing history.) Walden Woods would be a fun trip as well. It's easier to bundle up warm and cozy for a hike than it is for a bike ride... so we'll keep that option open.

Next week: Our season-ending breakfast has been postponed to November 12th, so we'll try and get in one more ride next weekend if the weather cooperates. Happy Halloween!

A selfie from Stone Tower

Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Hike not Bike

On a clear day, you can see Boston from the Stone Tower
Our biking on Saturday will be disguised as hiking. "What?", you ask? "No Halloween ride??" Well, yes, it's true, we're not riding on Saturday -- we're going for a HALLOWEEN HIKE instead, (and totally avoiding Salem's congestion, road closures, limited parking, and all of the crowds from Haunted Happenings in the process.)

Instead, we are meeting for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. (approximate) in LYNN at Hayward's on Rt 129 (A small place -- I've never been there -- it's the closest breakfast spot near the Lynn Woods Great Woods entrance. (You can check out the menu here: Hayward's Restaurant).

It's good to have a map when exploring Lynn Woods.
After breakfast, we'll drive the short distance to Lynn Woods where there is plenty of parking. Our plan is to take an easy route along the fire roads -- not the smaller, rugged trails -- so special hiking shoes are not required. It's an easy walk shared by trail runners and dog walkers alike. The Stone Tower and Dungeon Rock are both open until November 1st, so that will be our destination on this leisurely hike!

We hope you can join us! Text, call, or email Tam if you think you can make it!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Can we get in one more ride?

Last weekend's ride was cancelled due to high winds and rain in the mid-morning forecast -- and the weather for this coming weekend wasn't look promising yesterday, although the forecast for Saturday has improved since. We're hoping to ride... and will make a decision and post a ride on Friday if it looks like we'll have decent (dry) weather for a Saturday "Halloween" ride.

Currently Gail, Joan, Paul and Tam are the regular diehards making the ride/no-ride decision. If anyone wants to join us or get in on the decision-making, get in touch with one of us!!

Meanwhile, how does breakfast in Salem or Beverly on November 5th sound? Reds? Brother's? Omelet Headquarters? Suggestions? Breakfast at 8 a.m. with an optional ride to follow. We'd love to have an end-of-season breakfast gathering!!

#TBT Halloween Ride 2005

In 2005, just Donna and Ducky bundled up for that year's "Annual" Halloween Ride -- the only Cyclopaths brave/crazy enough to ride in the frigid temperatures that year.

Donna stopped by the newly installed 'Bewitched' statue, 2005
Donna reported: While many were home "dressed up" as sleeping Cyclopaths in flannel night shirts, stocking caps, and under warm blankets in bed... a "Tropical" Witch and a Duck set out by bike to ride through the streets of Salem and Beverly. Bewitched by the fact that their friends were nowhere to be seen, they ventured on to the Beverly Airport. After breakfast, as they departed, the snow flurries began to fly with a bit of hail for good luck. (Although Hail, Hail, the gang was not there...) Undeterred by the weather, the witch and duck cycled a scenic route through Wenham with a pitstop at the Sturim's Non-haunted Mansion, making their way back home by 10:30am. Happy Trick or Treat!
Snow and hail on the Halloween Ride 2005

Thursday, October 20, 2016

#TBT "C'mon, Everyone! Let's get together for a group photo!"

Hahaha... trying to a group photo has often been a challenge.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Enjoying the Fall

Joan, Paul and Gail on the back roads of Beverly
We had a chilly start on Saturday! Paul, Joan, Gail and Tam met at Independence Park in Beverly for a 14 mile ride to Beach Street Cafe and back. We had a surprise visitor joining us for breakfast -- Sheldon! We love surprises! After breakfast, the temperatures on the return trip were warmer, making it a gorgeous day for a ride. The foliage has not quite reached it's peak, yet -- we may still have a few more weeks of Fall riding to go. 

(Next week, Ipswich, Gloucester, Rockport/Cape Ann, (I found 2 breakfast spots in Rockport and have estimated the mileage!), or a return to Plum Island?)

Breakfast at the Beach Street Cafe
A young child wanted to take a photo, too.... Hahahaha!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

37th Forum on Tolerance: Political Tolerance, In a Time of Intolerance, October 27th & 28th

Sheldon passes along info for the next Forum on Tolerance, October 27th & 28th, 2016, Political Intolerance in a time of Intolerance. With the divisive nature of the upcoming presidential election, and the civil unrest happening in this country, how do we get along and work with those who hold political beliefs different than our own? How can we celebrate our commonalities and see ourselves as one nation?

For more information on the two day/two campus event, visit

Friday, October 14, 2016

Bundle up for Manchester!

The view from Independence Park, Beverly
We are heading to Manchester on Saturday, meeting in Beverly at Independence Park at 7:30 a.m. ("Where?", you ask? Independence Park is that pretty little park that overlooks the water on Lothrop Street/Rt 127, shortly after crossing the Beverly/Salem Bridge. (See map below). There is usually plenty of on-street parking available -- unlike Salem at this time of year which has restricted parking due to Haunted Happenings. (If you'd rather start in Salem, however, feel free to do so, departing Salem by 7:15 a.m.) If starting in Salem, let Gail or Tam know you are coming and we'll delay our departure from Independence Park a few minutes to wait for you.)

Meet at Independence Park at 7:30
The distance from Independence Park to Beach Street Cafe is 7 miles, so the ride is estimated at 14-15 miles depending on whether we add a spin up to Singing Beach after breakfast or not.

Breakfast is at the Beach Street Cafe (an estimated 8:15-8:20 arrival) for anyone wishing to join us for breakfast!

Bundle up -- it will be a chilly start!


Sending GET WELL wishes to Av this week, in the hospital with pneumonia. Love and hugs to you, Av!!! We're thinking of you!!!

Monday, October 10, 2016

We love the Fall!

We had a chilly start to our ride to Boxford on Saturday -- Fall is definitely upon us! Enjoying the noticeable changes in the season, with the foliage just starting to turn, Gail, Joan, Paul & Tam took the trail towards Topsfield as a dozen chipmunks scurried back and forth across the path ahead. Chipmunks everywhere!!

After exiting the trail and riding on towards Boxford, we chose the Lost Route (Washington to Lockwood Lane) to take the quiet country roads hugging the Boxford State Forest. (C-c-c-cold ride through the shady back roads so early in the morning! Brrrr.....)

Fall colors at The Danvers Swampwalk
After breakfast at the Boxford Community Store, we returned to the path to head home, skirting the Topsfield Fairgrounds coming alive with activity, and the aroma of fried food lingering in the air. Temps warmed up a bit as we rode -- a lovely morning for a 20 mile ride.

A great day for a ride!

Friday, October 07, 2016

October 8th to Boxford. FALL IS HERE!

While I was melting down in Florida, (90 degree temps with 90% humidity), FALL arrived in New England. Ohmigosh, it's a little chilly!!! (Haha.. I'm not complaining. I have a new appreciation for seasonal weather!!)

Hopefully we'll get in a few more rides before the snow arrives. This Saturday, October 8th, we're headed to Boxford, departing from the Beverly Airport at 7:30. It should be a lovely autumn ride down the bike trail at this time of year. Hope you can join us!

Thursday, October 06, 2016

#TBT October 2006. Our jerseys arrive!!

Av was the first Cyclopath to wear our new jersey!
OMG, you can not imagine what a production it was to create our jerseys... hahahahahaha... I kept thinking, "WHAT have I gotten myself into?!" In the end, they came out terrific, although I'm not fond of the fabric. The first person to wear his jersey right out of the gate was Av Hammer!! Awesome. You all wear it well.

We still have a box of surplus (aka FREE) jerseys available -- Men's Large (quantity: 1), XL (5), and  2XL (2) if anyone would like to refresh theirs or grab a different size! (Sorry... no women's sizes are available.)

If you're not familiar with social media hashtags, #TBT might be new to you. TBT is the acronym for Throwback Thursday -- a posting of older photographs or a memory from the past. From now until the end of the year, I will try to post a TBT every Thursday, looking back at some great Cyclopath memories. (Send along any throwback photos or memories you'd like to share ( and I'll post them!

Friday, September 16, 2016

We're heading to Ipswich!

Join Gail, Joan and Paul riding to Ipswich on Saturday, meeting in North Beverly at 7:30 a.m 

Where in North Beverly? Well, we've done this one before.  We'll meet on the other side of the train tracks near the T station at Dodge and Enon Streets. (Not far from The Depot Diner). Find a place to park -- there may be on-street parking down Dodge Street or any side street, or any of the shopping areas on Enon St (see map). 

Ipswich Mileage (from Map My Ride)
From Dodge to Larch Row take right on Larch Row/Essex to Sagamore, Candlewood, Heartbreak and Argilla to downtown Ipswich: 10 miles (20 miles RT)

Breakfast will be at Five Corner's Cafe or Sofia's!

It's going to be a gorgeous day for Fall riding!!

We will meet on the corner of Dodge and Laurel, across the train tracks
The Depot Diner is marked on the map for reference.
Click to enlarge. 

Blog Note

Hey Gang, I'm in Florida until September 28th, so the blog is on a semi-hiatus. I'll have access to a computer, though it's not my own, so send photos and ride details and I'll do what I can to post them. Happy, safe riding! Fall is the best time of year!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Great Breakfast with Ducky!

Cheers from Hamilton!
We had a good ride this morning -- Gail, Joan, and Paul -- from Beverly Airport to Henderson's via the newly paved Cherry Street.

We were pleasantly surprised to be joined at breakfast by Ducky!

Afterwards, we rode through Bradley Palmer -- very peaceful now that it's post-Labor Day.

Grand total: about 15 miles!

Hope to see you on the road next week. --Gail

Surprise guest!
And the usual motley crew